Life Coaching

Everyone is buzzing about the value of having a Life Coach. And it seems that there are as many ideas about Coaching as there are Life Coaches. Coaching is a mutual, co-active relationship. Here’s what Life Coaching means to me:

Coaching is Collaborative

  • We work in partnership to identify how you would like to use each coaching session
  • Coaching calls forth our shared creative thinking about how to work toward your goals step by step

Coaching is Supportive

  • We will identify your many strengths and find ways to maximize them to meet your goals
  • I support and celebrate your progress toward your goals
  • I am there to offer deep listening and to formulate creative questions to help you explore your life

Coaching is Challenging

  • We will explore where your thinking is keeping you stuck and find new ways to embrace action steps
  • I will help you re-write your life narrative to emphasize strengths and discover opportunities
  • We will honestly identify barriers and find ways to creatively move through them

Coaching is Fun

  • We will cultivate laughter, joy, and gratitude as we co-actively work together

All coaching happens over the phone or over Skype, so I can work with people all over the world. Most sessions are 30 minutes long. Coaching is most effective if done weekly. I encourage you to sign up for six sessions so that we can get to know each other and allow time for positive change to get some traction in your life. 


Let’s explore together this journey called Life Coaching…and we can do it over the phone!

Are you ready to take a new look at your life and goals?

Ready to make lasting change and to create a life you love?


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