10 Ways to Thrive in this Toxic Political Environment

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Check out my article on Elephant Journal: 10 Ways to Thrive in this Toxic Political Environment

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An Open Letter to My Daughter After the 2016 Presidential Election

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    “An Open Letter to My Daughter After the 2016 Presidential Election” Isaiah 58:8-12; Luke 21:5-19  This sermon was preached at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Nashua, NH on November 13, 2016 An Open Letter to My Daughter After the 2016 Presidential Election Dear Keziah, When I was your age, Richard Nixon was the president of the United States. Our country was deeply divided over the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement was still reshaping the social landscape. The black and white high schools in my hometown had just been...

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The Marshmallow Test

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When 85-year-old Walter Mischel was asked: “What next? What are your plans for the next 5 years?” he didn’t hesitate; he had an answer. And his answer had nothing to do with ramping down, easing out, or anything that looked like retirement. I want to be like that when I’m 85, still lively, engaged, and using my creativity to help make the world a better place. Last week I listened in on a captivating, live interview with Dr. Walter Mischel conducted by Dr. Ben Dean of MentorCoach .(You can listen to the interview for free at the MentorCoach...

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Do Something Creative

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One of the daily habits I’ve been working to cultivate follows a simple guideline: do something creative every day. At least I thought it was simple until I tried to do it. As happens when establishing any new habit, resistance arose. I needed to find effective ways to move through the blocks if I was going to persist. My creative block spoke in the voice of the Inner Critic, who said, among other things: “You’re not creative.” I spent a length of time working with creativity coach Quinn McDonald around how to have a different relationship...

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Crush It!

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I have a new man in my life. Every time I’m around him I get a little weak in the knees. Literally. I can hardly walk when he’s done with me. And I’d only known him for a few weeks when he confided his secret fantasy to me. Let’s just say it involves a cowboy hat and spurs. Oddly enough my husband introduced me to him, so no need to worry. Matt is the owner of Dynamic Strength and Conditioning, and he’s one of my personal trainers. The first few weeks I worked with Matt, he made me do so many squats that I begged for mercy, my legs wobbly and...

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Eeyore State of Mind

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While waiting to go to China to bring our daughter home, a woman I hardly knew gave me a stuffed Winnie the Pooh for Keziah. Having Pooh by my side during that long, uncertain wait was a comfort to me. The problem was, I had to hand over the stuffed Pooh when she arrived. (It’s probably more accurate to say that Peter had to wrest Pooh out of my arms to give to our baby.) 13 years later, I still sneak into Keziah’s room now and then to give Pooh a big hug. He may be a Bear with Very Little Brain, but he sure knows how to help a girl get...

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On Pilgrimage with St. Brigid

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I have long been a fan of St. Brigid of Ireland. She may belong to Ireland, but I think of Brigid as my own personal saint. When we built our wood fired brick oven in the back yard, I wrote her name in the concrete, dedicating it to Brigid. She is, after all, the patron saint of the hearth and fire. On the site of St. Brigid’s Cathedral in Kildare, Ireland, you can still see what’s left of the foundation of the fire temple, where her order kept the paschal flame burning bright until the Archbishop of Dublin extinguished it during the...

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