My favorite legend about Brigit of Ireland is a creation myth. The Earth is a chaotic mess, and Brigit alone hears the weeping of the Earth.

The Earth cries because it has dreamed of Beauty,” she claims.

And so Brigit throws her mantle around the chaos of the earth, and “makes gladness in the abyss,” bringing forth beauty through her creativity.

I find the image of “making gladness” to be a powerful one.

As a Life Coach  I am about the business of  making gladness, helping you to draw on your strengths to create a life you love.

I am shaped by my experience as an Ordained Minister, Pastoral Counselor, teacher of preachers, and Clergy Leadership Development Coach.

My coaching practice aims to support you as you “make gladness” in your life. Are you ready to live into your dreams, nourish your creativity, and make life-giving changes personally and professionally? Then give me a call.